Turn any
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As the only producer of 5D print technology in the world, Tridelix is bringing a new dimension to photography prints, store signage, event booths, wall-hung plaques and more.

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Proprietary technology
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Precision crafted in NJ
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Never-before-seen technology.

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Tridelix uses proprietary technology to create a deceptively deep, three-dimensional effect on completely flat surfaces. Our innovative printing methods create a sensational effect that leaves viewers amazed: Is it, or isn’t it?

No-fade ink that lasts forever.

We call it printfinity.

Tridelix prints have longevity in mind with no-fade inks and a protective coating that prevents any damage. That everlasting print makes Tridelix ideal for long-term display in interiors, art galleries, and more.

Precision-crafted techniques.

It’s picture perfection.

Glossy surfaces, RGB colors, and rounded edges take Tridelix to the next level, for a finished product perfect for commercial spaces and promotional campaigns.

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